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Intensive Course Prices

All prices below Includes Driving test fee


 Hours Course Details Off peak Pricepeak Price


Recommended for driver who has good control of the car and just wants to fine tune the driving skill for the driving test. (more details)




Recommended for driver who can demonstrate good control of the car and can carry out the 4 manoeuvres. (more details)



Recommended for driver who have a understanding of how to control the car and demonstrate the slow speed needed to do the manoeuvres. (more details)



Recommended for driver who had few lesson and can do moving off and stopping and reasonable left/ right turnings (more details)



Recommended for driver who had few lessons  just moving off and stopping and very nervous to driving (more details)



Recommended for new driver who is just starting off and no assessment lesson is needed. (more details)

 Theory Test

Theory Test pack

Includes theory test appointment and online access for revision (more details)




Step 1: Choose your intensive course

First decide which Intensive course you need, then see step two below.




Step 2: Decision and deposit 

If you are not sure which Intensive course to go for then we can do an assessment lesson for you can.

If you already know which Intensive course then us on 01604 454586 or email or book online (click here)



Step 3: Driving test and final payment

We will arrange all the hours of driving lessons leading up to your driving test day.